one frame, a thousand journeys

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This photo was taken at Brighton Beach in Melbourne a long time ago.

At that time I didn’t know anything about the golden hour or whatever photography jargon. I just took my Panasonic DMC-FZ30, the camera I had at that time, with me and shoot away. This was the time I first thought I could be interested in photography but didn’t want to commit to a dSLR yet just in case I got bored after a while.

I remember it was quite windy at the time even though it was summer. I was with a group of friends and one of them already started in photography and had a Nikon D70 and a tripod at that time. We were just hanging out and snapped away.

I was very proud of this photo at that time but if I had to shoot there again, I probably wouldn’t place the lamp post and the bench in the middle of the frame. Also looking at this photo now, I think the top part is framed too tight.

It also shows that a smaller sensor shows a lot of noise even though this was shot at ISO200.

Despite all its flaws, this was the photo that got me hooked in photography and I haven’t stopped shooting ever since.


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